Saturday, March 1, 2008

A fan of Ahmadinejad outside Columbia University

An old post from Jihadwatch before I had a blog:

Irish Infidel kindly sends along the above picture and this note:

Here is a photo I took today of one of the Islamist counter-protestors outside of Columbia. His sign reads "May Allah make a mushroom cloud over Israel."

At the bottom is a link to what turns out to be the man's personal website for him and his family. His name is Yousef al Khattab, formerly Joseph Cohen. That's right, he is a tale of a Jew (a former settler from Gush Qatif according to his claims!) who has turned to Jihad. Here is an account he wrote of his and his wife and children's conversions (his first son's name is now Abdel Rahman):

But the family's website is much more interesting to look around at, especially their photo albums. The Khattabs are really like any other family, doing average things like dressing their children up in military fatigues and posing with machine guns in front of giant posters of Al-Aqsa and suicide bombers in the West Bank.

But what really shocked me was in his media section in a video "2006 Islam Forbids Killing Innocent Civilians." He gives a sick rationale, actually encouraging the murder of non-Muslim children, that I've never come across before. He states that according to some Islamic teachings all children are actually born Muslims. However before they hit puberty they become corrupted by rabbis, priests, teachers, etc.. and are no longer Muslim. Which means that if they kill them BEFORE they hit puberty, while they are still Muslims, the Jihadists are actually doing them a great favor by guaranteeing them a spot in Paradise. Have you ever come across such a teaching before? This is the most dangerous justification for Islamic Jihad that I have ever heard -- it makes ALL non-Muslim children legitimate targets.

It is common Islamic teaching that everyone is born Muslim and -- in non-Muslim countries -- is corrupted by his parents and society into becoming non-Muslim. But I haven't come across the accompanying rationale before. If anyone has, please send in links or info.

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